Photoshop Expose: Megan Fox Gets Pore-fected

megan fox

Megan Fox pre-Photoshop and plastic surgery at the Transformers premiere in 2007.

In our first Photoshop exposé, we showed you the wonders of the liquify tool for sculpting those stubborn bulges into flesh so taut it squeaks. You saw firsthand how the brush, eraser, and blur tools are the equivalent of Michelangelo’s hammer and chisel. Because airbrushed images are so convincing, we peel Photoshop back layer by layer to reveal how celebrities get that post-production je ne sais quoi, all without having to go under the knife! If, however, you are a truly ambitious woman undaunted by the scalpel, you are just a few steps away from completing the successful transformation from average American to flawless celebrity! Everyone, play along at home! It goes something like this:

Blessed genetic state + personal trainer + vegan chef + gay makeup artist + flamboyant hair guru + anorexic stylist + designer wardrobe + Spanx + plastic surgery + Photoshop = Barbie!

Phew! I’m tired just typing all that. It’s a wonder that Hollywood agents let celebrities get popular before they’ve completely morphed them from a wrinkly larvae to a brand new butterfly. What if the larvae is exposed prematurely? Exhibit A: The pre-operative Megan Fox who shot into orbit with that killer body, but less-than-perfect skin and nose by Hollywood standards. At left, Fox is shown at the Transformers premiere in 2007 before she became a transformer herself by means of a nose job, lip injections, and cheek implants. Why, Meg, why?

megan fox instyle Megan Fox retouch

Even would not run the original unretouched photo from Fox’s Transformers premiere. In fact, the photo (left) appears in the InStyle “Transformations” feature. Her teeth are positively radioactive in this after photo. Subtle, guys!

Lady mags would have you believe this look is attainable — in fact, easy. It’s as if there’s no army of image consultants necessary. Anyone can look this gorgeous in just 10 minutes if she will follow these four easy steps to glamming up her look. Yeah, right.

So, how is the celebrity transformed? Take a look as the Photoshop layers are peeled off one by one. As they say on those telling makeup ads: Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.

FINAL: This is the minimum amount of “correction” that Fox would receive were this image for a glossy magazine spread complete with fawning celebrity interview. We call it the “faux natural.”

megan fox

THAT PANTENE SHINE: Fox’s hair has been gussied up for chrome-like shine.

megan fox

HAIR: The nerve of Fox to allow natural forces such as wind to displace hair strands! Flyaways contained.

megan fox

HEALTHY GLOW: Because her pores have been painted over, a dewy perspiration was simulated with another lacquer of Photoshop paint.

megan fox

SKIN: Fox’s skin was airbrushed in four shades of flesh tones for that poreless matte finish. Say goodbye pimples, birth marks, freckles, and scars. Pores are so highly overrated!

megan fox

megan fox

EYES: How dare any celebrity show up to a movie premiere with blood shot eyes? Remove those veins!

megan fox

PART REPTILE PART FOX: Celebrity eyes often glow a supernatural aquamarine. Really, they’re born with it!

megan fox

FOX ORIGINAL: Darn natural light! The sun’s too bright here, but Photoshop color correcting tools can give us that crisp contrast to make the celebrity look like God is smiling on her (but not too much).

megan fox

NEWSFLASH: Celebrities have pores too.

megan fox

  • Marie-micheleboum99

    you are so biutiful megan!!!

  • JuSt SaYiNg

    Megan fox is beautiful before and after pictures nobody can look that perfect on the after pic you guys are just trying to make people feel bad about themselves : /

    • Ebony Ford

      They aren’t trying to make beautiful people feel bad about themselves: they’re trying to make ugly ones feel better about themselves. I hope it helped. At least somebody can get some benefit out of it because Megan Fox doesn’t give a damn either way.

      • Sparklestardust

        ‘ugly ones’ lol.

  • Diego Schiavone

    Here a close Up of Megan Fox See trough Links, and compare

  • Sound of Chic

    Megan Fox is a beautiful woman, for sure. She just seems fixated to an unhealthy degree on perfecting herself through plastic surgery. Add in all the Photoshop by the media and she’s the impossible beauty. It sets unrealistic standards for women.

    • Banananananna

      I’ll comment on your’s because it’s the most fixated on surgery and celebrity, sadly, it doens’t seem megan has actually had cosmetic surgical operations, you can’t fake proportions like that, for real fucked up surgery looks watch the real housewives, also sadly, this photo of her brushing her eyebrow with a toothbrush as a teen seems to confirm it!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/image.jpg

  • Rachel Myers

    “It sets unrealistic standards for women.”

    I get so sick of hearing this, like we are stupid, ignorant females that don’t know the difference between reality and fiction! Apparently not only are we the “weaker” sex but the dumbest now too. I don’t know one single woman that thinks we are supposed to look this way! I realzie that there are some out there that do, those are the ones that have a low self -esteem anyway and it has nothing to do with Victoria Secret models, Megan Fox or Hollywood and the fashion industry. It has to do with the fact that the get treated like $hit at home by family and friends. Self-esteem comes from family first, then friends not from watching Megan Fox and fashion shows. It’s ridiculous!!!

    • Sound of Chic

      Hi Rachel. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you have such a strong sense of what is false in the media. I don’t agree that being deceived my masterfully retouched images constitutes “stupid, ignorant females.” You’re right that a woman’s self-esteem is shaped by many influences, including family and friends. See what you think about this article about the impact of unrealistic beauty standards on teens:

  • Camilla Petersen

    She’s just a human.

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